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    Jan 31, 2016

    Three Ladies and The Allergy Law Project

    Three lawyers from the United States have founded the Allergy Law Project, the Las Vegas Review Journal has reported.

    The three ladies all have children with food allergies and are working to provide the right information about the law and food allergies.

    The article is an interesting read about how one of these ladies, Homa Woodrum, found that her first child had developed food allergies. From there she started a blog which provided recipes for families dealing with food allergies.

    The blog ran a story which caught the attention of an attorney from Maryland, Mary Vargas.

    Woodrum met Laurel Francoeur, a lawyer from Massachusetts, who came up with the idea of the Allergy Law Project. Together the three ladies provide free information online about the allergy law in the United States.

    You can read more about their story below

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    Jan 14, 2016

    Link Between Immune System and Food Allergies

    A research team in Australia have discovered that there is a link between children who have an over-active immune system, and the development of certain food allergies.

    They found that children who have an over-active immune system are more likely to develop food allergies in the first few years of life.

    They aren't sure why certain children have hyperactive immune cells, though they have found that certain cells are activated before or during birth. Why it happens is unknown.

    They are going to carry on the research to look for answers that may help to lower the risk of children developing these food allergies.

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    Link Between Immune System and Food Allergies"

    Jan 02, 2016

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    Nov 17, 2015

    Treating Baby Eczema

    Finding the best way of treating baby eczema is so important when you want to alleviate your baby's red, itchy skin. You can read here about some conventional ways that can help.....

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    Oct 24, 2015

    Ten New Genetic Links Found That May Link To Eczema

    It has been reported that ten new genetic links have been discovered that may increase the risk of eczema developing.

    Amongst the genes found, were some that had an effect on certain roles of the immune system. An over-active immune system can be a cause of cause developing.

    The first part of the research was done with around 21,000 eczema sufferers and over 90,000 non-sufferers. Another 260,000 people were added to the research so the results could be confirmed.

    The main result of the study confirms how important the immune system is in the development of eczema.

    How these new found genes will increase the risk of eczema developing may need more research, and more time.

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    Ten New Genetic Links Found That May Link To Eczema"

    Oct 03, 2015

    New Fabric That May Help Dust Related Allergies

    Polish scientists say that they have been testing a fabric that helps with controlling dust mites.

    When you have a dust allergy that makes the symptoms of your eczema or asthma worse it can make for sleepless nights.

    Dust mites pass through the pores in normal fabrics used on your bed. The new fabric stops them getting through, but does allow air to pass through. When you have eczema this can help to stop your skin from getting too hot.

    Tests have shown that the fabric improves the symptoms of a dust allergy by up to 70%.

    After additional testing has been done the scientists think that the product will be available to buy.

    You can watch a short video about the fabric by clicking on the link below

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    New Fabric That May Help Dust Related Allergies"

    Sep 14, 2015

    Baby Eczema

    Baby eczema can be very distressing for your little one as well as yourself, as their parent. Luckily there are many ways that can help you to manage, treat and reduce the likelihood of an outbreak

    Continue reading "Baby Eczema"

    Sep 08, 2015

    Aloe Vera for Skin

    Using aloe vera for skin health could be a great way to go. It can help with the inflammation of eczema and help to keep your skin moisturised, to prevent further skin damage

    Continue reading "Aloe Vera for Skin"

    May 26, 2015

    Ragweed Pollen Could Increase Hayfever In Europe

    Scientists are saying that climate change and seed disposal are the main reasons for the increase.

    Ragweed is found in North America, but it is quickly coming to Europe. The main areas that will be affected are Northern Europe, UK and Northern France.

    The results of a study show that in the next 35 years the instances of hayfever will increase by up to 4 times in these areas.

    This is not good news for hayfever sufferers, and will mean that even more people will become sufferers.

    If you are, or a family member suffers from eczema then this is something to keep an eye on, as you could be in the high risk group likely to develop hayfever due to ragweed in the future.

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    Ragweed Pollen Could Increase Hayfever In Europe"

    May 25, 2015

    Foot Eczema

    Foot Eczema can be a painful type of eczema to suffer from. With the right management and the right treatment, you can stay on your feet and enjoy your day

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