5 Tips For An
Eczema Friendly Thanksgiving

Here are 5 tips for an eczema friendly Thanksgiving, some practical, some fun!

1. Make a list of everything you're thankful for. This can be done by all the adults and children in your family. I've often read that we should make it a daily habit to write down everything we're thankful for, so this day is a great time to start. Anything can be added to the list from having your family around you, your health or anything you may take for granted, like just having a roof over your head. When you take notice of everything you have in your life you start to realise how much you actually have. Modern society can make us feel stressed that we don't have it all. We don't need it all, and we definitely don't need that stress. It's bad for your overall health, including your eczema

2. Use alternatives for milk. If you normally have to avoid certain recipes because you or one of your family have a milk allergy, you may still be able to make these dishes. A big Thanksgiving favourite is Green Bean Casserole. A traditional recipe uses cream of mushroom soup and milk. You can use rice milk or vegetable stock instead of cow's milk. I've found a lovely and simple recipe for a Green Bean Casserole. It does have cream of mushroom soup as an ingredient, so here is a dairy free recipe for that too!

3. Create your own Thanksgiving parade. This can be a fun thing to organise in the run up to Thanksgiving and huge fun on the day. You can either arrange a mini parade with your immediate family or organise something a bit bigger with your friends and neighbours. If there is anyone who suffers from eczema look into using latex free balloons, wearing masks instead of using face paints, and wearing cotton or linen dress up clothes instead of clothing made of wool or any other itchy materials

4. Hold your own 'NFL' game. Another family fun idea that helps to keep the eczema sufferer's mind off their itchy skin, and gets them out in some fresh air. You can get your family and neighbours involved, and make your own rules up! Wear layered clothing as layers can be taken off to prevent the skin getting too hot and drink loads of water to keep the skin hydrated

5. Limit your alcohol intake. Alcohol is very drying to the skin which can irritant eczema, making it itchy and sore. One way to combat this is to alternate between an alcoholic drink and a soft drink, preferably water. Also regularly moisturising your skin during the day will help, especially during the times you're consuming alcohol

Have a great Thanksgiving! :)

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