5 Tips To Giving
Eczema Friendly Christmas Gifts

Here are 5 tips for giving eczema friendly Christmas gifts to the eczema sufferer in your life.

1. Clothing. Some great clothing choices for eczema sufferers are items made from 100% organic cotton, hemp and bamboo. They're completely natural and don't contain harmful dyes or chemicals, meaning that they are less likely to irritate the skin. Natural fabrics are also less likely to cause excessive sweating, which can be an irritant to eczema. You can buy anything from bamboo socks to a hemp hoody

2. A Hamper. There are so many options if you decide that you'd like to give someone a hamper. One option is to buy one already made up from a company that sells allergy free products, like food, or natural products, like cosmetics. If you want to make it a bit more personal you can create your own. Fill it with some the recipient's favourite eczema friendly things. Find out what they are allergic to and what things they love. It could contain anything from food, toiletries, books and knick-knacks. Pretty much anything!

3. A Magazine Subscription. This can be either a magazine that they receive through the post each month, or a digital version. There is a magazine out there about everything. Whatever their interest, there will be a magazine about it. A lot of people have a favourite magazine, so that takes a lot of the work out of picking one! They will also thank you for it every month for a year :)

4. A Gift Voucher. You could buy a voucher for a day out or experience, for example, entrance to a theme park or a hot air balloon. Another way is to give a voucher for your time. You could cook them a 3-course meal or give them 6 hours of babysitting. Find out what would help them or what they would appreciate someone doing for them. Perhaps something that they hate doing. For me, it would be doing my ironing or cleaning the oven!

5. A Gift For A Charity. You can buy gifts from charities that are actually given to people in countries that need them. One example is Oxfam, who run Unwrapped. You can choose one of the many gifts they do, including a goat, mosquito nets and furniture for schools. You receive a card from them to say what you've brought, which you give to the recipient, and the actual gift is sent to someone who needs it. You can find out more, here

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