Living With Eczema And Our Mission

by Carl & Lindsey

Hi, I have been living with eczema for 46 years but the hardest part is caring for our son who is now 19 and has suffered from eczema since birth.

The hardest thing a parent can do is watch their son or daughter suffer in pain, and when you have to be cruel to be kind by creaming sore areas.

He has been hospitalized several times and once his feet were so badly infected he nearly had to have one of them amputated. Scary! Luckily he came through it after many weeks in the hospital.

I have set myself a life goal to make more people aware of eczema and raise awareness and funds for research, with a glimmer of hope that one-day future children will not have to suffer from eczema.

More than 40 medical research programs are currently being carried out for eczema research and with more awareness and funding this could rise.

Our website is about sharing information and experiences with others to help them with not just the physical symptoms of eczema but also the emotional side of living with eczema.

Keep up the good work on your website, I'm sure many people will have benefited from your site.

We wish you well.

Carl & Lindsey

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Jan 07, 2018
Thanks for sharing your story
by: Teri

Thank you so much for sharing your story. I visited your blog and loved reading about how you've made it your mission to help anyone who suffers from eczema, and their carers.

Your own story is one that so many parents and carers can relate to and it's great that you want to share that. I'm sure that it will benefit many people.

I hope that your son is doing well, and my heart goes out to him as he has been through so much. I love that you're all there to support each other.

Good luck with everything


PS. Anyone reading this please visit the blog

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