Eczema Moisturizers Are
The Most Commonly Used And The Most Useful Treatment

Eczema moisturizers are also called emollients. They are the most commonly used treatment for eczema.

The types of emollients used to treat eczema are different to cosmetic moisturisers. The cosmetic ones are usually full of perfumes, additives and preservatives. They are not useful in treating any skin condition affected by chemicals.

Using an emollient is the most important part of treating eczema. They can be used as often as you want. Ideally this would be at least 2-3 times a day. It is recommended that you use it whenever you need to, especially when your skin feels dry.

Even when there is no sign of a flare up, its use should be continued.

Their job is to stop the skin getting dry, and prevent irritants getting into the skin. This in turn helps reduce flare ups and itching. This lowers the chance of inflammation ocurring.

As with all types of treatment, one emollient will work for one person, but not for someone else.

Use emollients liberally. You cannot 'overdose' on them. They don’t have any active drugs in them which can be absorbed into the skin, and potentially cause side effects.

Always use eczema moisturizers after bathing. In fact after any time that your skin comes into contact with water. Apply it straight after contact. The water will still be in the skin, and the emollient holds the moisture in.

They are often used alongside topical steroids as part of your primary eczema treatment. Whichever treatment is applied first, leave it 30 minutes before applying the second treatment. This allows enough time for the first one to absorb into the skin. It also means that the strength of the steroid used wont be reduced.

Eczema moisturizers normally come as either

Here is some more information about Eczema Cream, including ointments and lotions and Soap for Eczema, bath additives and soap substitutes.

Eczema sufferers tend to use a mixture of different types of emollient. With the variety of types and brands available, you will be able to find the ones that work best for you. Check that the one you are using is a good choice for the condition of your skin, or for the type of eczema you have.

My Personal Story

When my skin is very dry I use an ointment most of the time. Sometimes using a cream.

If I have to drive I tend to allow enough time for an ointment to absorb into the skin. It can make my hands very slippery, so not ideal for getting the car round the corner!

When my skin is weeping I use a cream. It absorbs better. Ointment seems to 'slide' off my skin.

Aqueous cream is my favourite for the bath and as a soap substitute. Sometimes I use a bath additive. Normally Oilatum, as it mixes nicely in the bath.

I also use Aqueous cream as shaving cream. If you decide to try it I would advise you don’t use too much. It can get messy and it clogs up the blades. So you end up getting through a lot of razors!

Whatever products you decide to use, always read the instructions for use. You can also check the ingredients, to check for anything that you have found is an irritant in the past.

Eczema moisturizers are just one of the ways you can treat your eczema. They are good dry skin care products. They are used alongside other Eczema Treatments.

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