What Are The Main Triggers Of Eczema?

There are many triggers of eczema that can cause an outbreak.

There are suggested reasons to why someone first gets eczema. But there are many things that can cause a reoccurring flare up.

Every eczema sufferer will have a different combination of things that are a problem for them.

I have complied a list of the most common triggers of eczema. Though in reality the list could be endless, as everyone's skin is different.

The best way to first recognise if something is a cause of eczema is to notice when any symptoms first appear.

It may be when

  • you are in a certain environment
  • you have had contact with a substance
  • you are using or wearing something new

Finding the triggers of eczema is so important in helping to reduce the number of outbreaks you have. This in turn helps to prevent minimize further skin damage.

The first obvious thing that can be done is to avoid the offender. At first this can sound simple. Then we start to realise that whatever we need to keep away from is in things we never thought of.

Some of the most common triggers of eczema include

  • Nickel Allergy can be an issue for anyone, including eczema sufferers. We probably know that it is in jewellery and belt buckles. But it is in so many more things we use in the home. Nickel is a small problem to me. I am not so sensitive that anything with nickel in affects me. It tends to be when I have contact with it for a long period of time. I hope my explanation of what nickel is and my own story with nickel will help you. You can also read through the most common uses of nickel to see if there are some you hadn't thought of
  • Toiletries are something we use everyday. To wash our hair, condition our hair, keep our hair in place, and a whole host of other things to keep us clean. Unfortunately, to do the jobs they are made to do alot of chemicals are used in the products. Some of these chemicals are not good for our skin. We may find that we get a reaction to a certain deodorant but not to another. It ends up being trial and error. Alot of products also contain perfumes to make them smell nice. Some of these fragrances can cause perfume allergies. Luckily companies have started to make products without the rubbish in them. Its becoming big business. This is good news, as we now have more choice and they are readily available to buy. We just need to know what to avoid and what to buy
  • One of the chemicals in some toiletries is Sodium lauryl sulfate, or SLS. There have been many reports that suggest that it is a skin irritant. People with eczema have also reported irritation, dryness and redness after using products containing SLS. Find out more about what it is, and how to limit it's affect on your skin
  • Finding out How To Wash Clothes properly can help reduce skin irritation. It has always been thought that a reaction can occur when biological cleaners are used. It is now coming to light that this may not be the case. Doing the laundry can be hazardous to your skin but it doesn't have to be. There are a few ways how you can change your laundry habits to help your skin. You could also try using a Natural Laundry Detergent. These have no added chemicals, that may make eczema worse
  • Food is one of my favourite things. Unfortunately some of my favourite foods are irritants to my skin. Some people have an intolerance or an allergy to certain foodstuffs. There are certain ones that seem to be more common in causing problems. Here is a list of Common Food Allergies, what they are in and how to avoid them
  • There are many Types Of Food Additives. We know that some are linked to children's behaviour but the link with eczema is unconfirmed. But as chemicals in toiletries cause a reaction, I think it just as likely that chemicals in our foods could be an eczema cause
  • Latex Allergies are another of the common eczema causes. Especially eczema on the hands, when using rubber gloves. Luckily with products containing latex there are suitable substitutes which are unlikely to cause a rash. Again, it is in more things than I realised
  • Dust Mite Allergies may or may not make eczema symptoms worse. There are no definite reports to say either way. If you feel they may contribute to the condition of your's or your child's skin, you can find out where they live. Then find out how to eliminate them so they aren't so much of a problem
  • Having a Pet Dander Allergy could also be one of the common eczema causes. Contact with furry and feathered animals can be an irritant. The caring of an animal and where they live could also be a factor. If precautions are taken then you, your skin and your pets can live in harmony.
  • Stress is bad for our skin, but even more important, on our whole body. It is well documented about the effect it has on your body. It is thought that stress effects eczema, and having eczema causes stress. Learn about stress, and its relation to eczema. If you feel you need help with anxiety levels there are things you can try that may help. They normally fall in one of two categories
  1. Mentally. Ways that work on the inside, the mind
  2. Physically. Ways that work on the outside, the body

           They will act as stress reducers

  • Your job could be an factor and cause Occupational Hand Eczema. It could depend on the environment you work in or the things you come into contact with. Changing your job is not really an ideal situation in the present climate. So you need to change your environment as much as you can, or protect yourself from any potential problems
  • The weather can cause Seasonal Eczema at anytime of the year, it depends on what weather conditions, and relating factors can cause a flare up to occur

For any of these and other potential triggers of eczema, there are tests available that check for a allergic reaction. Normally done by a doctor, hospital or specialist clinic. To find out more read this page about allergy tests

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