What Causes Allergies
That Make Your Eczema And Other Atopic Symptoms Worse

Allergies cause the symptoms of atopic diseases. But what causes allergies in the first place.

It has been shown that babies who are exposed to allergens, are more likely to develop an allergy. This can cause any of the atopic diseases.

The conditions are linked.

If someone has one they are more likely to suffer from one or more of the others.

Our body does not have an allergic reaction to something the first time it has contact with it.

Your body learns how to react to an allergen.

What causes allergies, happens in stages

  1. An allergen is wrongly recognised by your body as a threat. This alerts your immune system, and it begins it's job
  2. Your immune system makes some antibodies, called Immunoglobulin E, or IgE
  3. The IgE attach themselves to cells. These cells release histamine, one of your body's own irritant substances. Histamine causes the symptoms of an allergy
  4. If your body recognises the same allergen another time, your immune system starts again. And the symptoms return

Someone with any one of the atopic conditions produces a higher level of IgE. This increases the severity of the allergic reaction. It also makes it more likely to have a reaction to more allergens.

Everyone is different regarding how long it takes their body to react to a substance. Some people get a reaction soon after. Others don’t see any symptoms for some time.

This can make it harder to work out what substance is causing the reaction. If the symptoms don’t show for a few days you may of forgotten what potential allergens you have come into contact with.

Difference Between Allergens And Irritants

The difference between an allergic reaction and a reaction to an irritant is time.

Most people get an allergic reaction sometime after contact. For instance, if you wear a watch. You may notice that after a few days you have allergic reaction rashes around the strap. You are likely to be allergic to a substance in the metal, normally nickel.

An irritation is usually instant. If you touch something that is an irritant, you will know it straight away. For instance, if you are chopping a onion. The skin on your hands will sting within seconds. So you would know to avoid direct contact with onions.

If you suffer from any of the atopic diseases keep a look out for symptoms appearing. It will help you work out what is an irritant or an allergen.

It can be a good idea to keep a detailed diary. This can help you work out a pattern. There are some things that are more likely to cause an allergic reaction than others.

You can read more about what could trigger your eczema. Some of the allergens are common in all the atopic diseases.

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