German Chamomile Essential Oil Has Many Properties That Can Benefit Your Eczema

German Chamomile essential oil comes from the chamomile plant.

The most common type used in the treatment of eczema is German chamomile. It is thought to be slightly stronger than Roman chamomile. Though they have the same properties.

It is said it can help with many different ailments, including;

  • Eczema
  • Asthma
  • Inflammations
  • Cuts and Burns
  • Insomnia

Benefits Of German Chamomile Essential Oil

As a natural treatment for eczema, it is thought to help because of it's many properties.

To help with eczema, studies have shown it to be

  • Anti-inflammatory. As a natural anti infammatory it helps to relieve the symptoms of inflammation. Redness, swelling and soreness
  • Antiseptic. Can help to soothe your skin and help to reduce itchiness. Preventing further damage to your skin.
  • Anti-bacterial. Can reduce the number of the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus. Limiting the chance of an infection
  • A Sedative. Helps you to sleep better, if your eczema tends to keep you awake at night. Normally because of itching or irritation

Chamomile Oil Uses

Chamomile essential oil can be used in a number of ways

  • Oil can be used undiluted. Apply a small amount of oil to the affected area
  • Chamomile tea bags. Chamomile tea benefits you in a few different ways
    • drinking as a tea. Make a cup using one teabag in boiling water
    • add teabags to a cup of water, like you are making a cup of tea, just use a few teabags. Wait until the water is tepid. Then use a soft cloth or cotton wool to apply to the affected area
    • you can also add tea to your bath. Make a strong cup of tea, using more teabags than above. Then add to your bath, mixing well

  • Chamomile is also added to some products that you can buy from chemists and some supermarkets. Always check the other ingredients in the product. Look out for any ingredients that may cause you any skin irritation
  • You can also add some chamomile essential oil to your favourite moisturiser, or to a carrier oil. Add a few drops to the cream, lotion or oil and mix well, before applying to your skin

Chamomile Side Effects

Chamomile can cause an allergic reaction in some people. Whichever way you decide to try chamomile always use on a small area to start with.

If you are using the oil diluted or adding it to a moisturiser or carrier oil, test a small amount on a small patch of skin.

If you decide to use tea, either to drink or to use on your skin, it is also recommended to start small. Either drink a little amount of tea, or use on a small area of skin.

Pregnant women are advised not to use chamomile in any form.

Also check with your doctor before using chamomile. It may counteract with certain medications you are taking.

Generally, chamomile is harmless and safe to use. If reports are correct, it is useful in helping with many ailments, not just eczema. So as long as you don’t have an allergic reaction to it, it may be a great all-round natural remedy for you.

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