5 Ways To Use An Emollient To Manage Your Eczema

As an important part of your treatment plan, here are 5 ways to use an emollient that will help to manage your eczema.

1. In the bath. While you're running a bath put some emollient in your hand and hold it under the running tap. If you're concerned about contamination from putting your hand in the pot you can scoop some emollient out of the pot with a clean spoon and hold it under the tap. Another option is to mix some emollient with water in a cup then add it to your bath. All of these ways will help the emollient to dissolve and mix well in the water. Make sure the water is warm and not hot, then enjoy a soak for around 15 to 20 minutes

2. Directly on to the skin. Emollients are great when they are applied directly on to your skin as a moisturiser. It benefits your skin after it has been in contact with water, as the emollient holds some of the moisture in your skin. It is strongly recommended that you apply your emollient regularly throughout the day. It helps to stop your skin drying out and is a very important part of managing your eczema

3. As a soap. Mass produced soaps can be very drying to your skin because of all the chemicals and additives used in making them. Emollients contain no irritating soaps or fragrances. It is better to use a cream as an alternative for soap as it's consistency is more suited, although some ointments do a good job

4. As a shaving cream. An emollient cream is better to use for this purpose too. Most shop brought shaving creams contain chemicals and fragrances. They are not ideal for people with normal skin, but can be a huge irritation on eczematous skin. One downside of using an emollient as an alternative to shaving cream is that it can clog up your blade. You may find that you have to constantly clean the cream from the blade, and you may get through more razors or blades

5. Under an occlusive dressing. Occlusive dressings can be really beneficial for eczema. One of their benefits is that they help the skin to absorb treatment. When an emollient is used under a dressing it is absorbed into the skin well. The dressing also stops the treatment being rubbed off on clothing or bedding. Using a occlusive dressing also helps to keep the skin cool, which makes them great to use at night.

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