5 Tips To Reduce
Dust Mites in Your Home

Dust mites can aggravate the eczema of some sufferers. Here are 5 tips to reduce dust mites in your home that are easy to do but could make a big difference to your skin

1. Wash your bedding at at least 60C. Wash and dry your bedding on a high temperature as it will kill the dust mites. It doesn’t stop them from reappearing, but if you change your bedding regularly, then it can help to control the effect that they can have on your eczema

2. Wet dust your house regularly. Wet dusting is a much more effective way of cleaning. Get a cleaning cloth and hold it under a running tap. Wring it out well so it is still damp, but not soaking. You then use the cloth as you would a duster. It is more effective as it picks up the dust, and it sticks to the cloth. This gets rid of the dust but also stops it becoming airborne and settling elsewhere in the room

3. Freezing temperatures also kill dust mites. If your child has soft toys putting them in an extremely cold environment will kill the mites on them. You just need to put them in a black bin bag and place them in your freezer. Leave the toys in there at least overnight, but its recommended they are left for between 24-48 hours. Do this regularly, as dust will collect on them very quickly once they are placed back in the bedroom. If you have a big enough freezer, you can also do this with duvets and pillows

4. Don’t make your bed. This is a favourite technique of mine, its the excuse I have been looking for! If you make your bed it can create a humid environment that dust mites thrive in. Leave your bed uncovered so it gives it an airing. You can also get protective mattress covers that help to keep the mites off of your bedding. If you decide to use one it is recommended that it covers the top and sides of the mattress, so it is protected all round

5. De-clutter. The more stuff we have, the more dust accumulates on it and around it. De-cluttering makes it easier and more effective when damp-dusting, and less time-consuming as you don't need to spend time moving things to wipe surfaces. Try to keep your rooms as minimalist and homely as you can

As well as eczema, dust mites can cause other allergic symptoms for some sufferers. You can find out more about what house dust mites are and how you can reduce them in different areas of your home.

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