5 Tips To Avoid
The Itch-Scratch Cycle

It's difficult to ignore the urge to scratch your eczema. Here are 5 tips to avoid the itch-scratch cycle.

1. Wrap an ice pack in a soft towel and place it on your skin when it feels itchy. One of the symptoms of eczema is inflammation, this causes the skin to become hot and irritated. An ice pack will help if it is a small area of skin. If you don't have an ice pack you can just use a bag of frozen peas. If you need to relieve a larger area, you may find number 2 more ideal

2. An oatmeal bath soak can help to ease an itch on larger areas. A simple way is to mix some colloidal, very finely ground, oatmeal with a few drops of your favourite essential oil. Put the mixture in a pair of tights, and tie the end. When you have run a bath put the oatmeal ball in, you can then have a soak for around 20 minutes. You can also use an oatmeal soap, or mix it into a face mask

3. Keep your nails short. As short as you can get them. Even if you are good at refraining from scratching during the day, at night your hands may take on a life of their own! As well as keeping them short make sure to file off any little edges that may cause some damage

4. Keep cool at night. When you get hot the skin gets itchy, and even when you're asleep you will still manage to find a way to scratch. Even though you may not even realise that you're doing it! Try to keep a window open in your bedroom, turn off any heating, wear loose-fitting 100% cotton pjs, and use cotton or bamboo bedding

5. Keep your skin moisturised. Use an emollient frequently throughout your day, always using it after bathing and washing your hands. It is a great idea to carry a small pot of treatment around with you, or keep one at work. Also drinking water regularly throughout the day will keep your body and skin hydrated.

You can find out more about the itch-scratch cycle and read some more ideas on how to prevent it from being a complete distraction, here.

If you have any suggestions, tips or stories that you think could help deal with the very distracting itchiness, then fill in the form below. I'd love to hear from you and share your experiences with our community.

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