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Eczema Bulletin, Issue #004 - Don’t Let The Winter Weather Get The Better Of Your Skin
November 01, 2013

Eczema Bulletin, Issue #004 - Don’t Let The Winter Weather Get The Better Of Your Skin

Welcome to November's edition of the Eczema Bulletin e-zine, and thank you for subscribing.

This is the 4rd edition of Eczema Bulletin. It will bring you articles and news about eczema, and also any updates to If you would like to add any suggestions for articles or news, or even add your own then I would love to hear from you

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This months Eczema Bulletin includes

  • November's Featured Article – Don’t Let The Winter Weather Get The Better Of Your Skin
  • My favourite eczema news article
  • Tip of the Month
  • 5 ways to.....reduce the house dust mite

Featured Article - Don’t Let The Winter Weather Get The Better Of Your Skin

The winter can be harsh and damaging to your skin. When you have eczema it can make the symptoms worse. Cracked, dry skin can become painful and very itchy.

You need to protect your skin as much as possible from the winter ailments. Also indoor heating can have a negative effect on your eczema.

These are some things you can do to protect your skin in winter

  • Moisture. The most important part of managing your eczema at any time of the year, but in winter it is vital. You should moisturise as much as your skin needs it. Apply your cream or ointment throughout the day. Apply about 10 minutes before you go outside, and on parts of your body that are exposed to the elements, especially your face
  • Wear sunscreen. Even in the winter we have some sun. So it is a good idea to wear some sun protection all the time. Use one that doesn’t irritate your skin, and make your eczema worse
  • Wear the right clothing. It is best to wear cotton and linen clothing. They are less irritating to the skin, compared to wools and acrylics. Also try to layer clothes. This means if you get warm you can take a layer off. And vice versa if you get cold. It helps to regulate your body temperature better. This reduces the chance of irritation caused by being too warm or cold
  • Watch out for the negative effects of indoor heating. Central heating can dry out the atmosphere. This in turn can make your skin dry. Try and keep your rooms well ventilated. Even having a small window open can help. Or you can buy yourself a humidifier. These help to replace some of the humidity in the air, that is dried out by the indoor heating

Eczema News Article

November marks Eczema Awareness Month in Canada. It is good news that another month is being used to raise awareness of eczema, and how it affects people's lifes.

Wherever you live it would be great to get involved in doing this. Look out for local support groups. Or even start your own. Many countries have a national eczema society, or a similarly named charity. They all have one aim. To highlight everyday issues and challenges for eczema sufferers and their carers.

The Eczema Society of Canada does a great job of doing just that.

Tip Of The Month - Teach Your Child About Eczema

If it is your child who has eczema I think one of the most important things you can do is to teach them about eczema.

If they know what eczema is they can answer any question, or deal with any comment confidently. When they know what causes their skin to become more inflamed they can become an important part of managing their eczema.

They can also help in their treatment. This can help to make them feel more confident. They can also feel that they have some control over it. They may take more interest in how certain things can effect it, and in the long term this can help them to manage their eczema.

Get your child as involved as you can. It will benefit both you and your child in the long run.

Do you have a tip you would like to share? Let me know :)

5 Ways To.......reduce the house dust mite

1. Wash your bedding at at least 60C. High temperatures kill dustmites. It doesn’t stop them reappearing, but if you change your bedding regularly, then it can help to control the effect that they can have on your eczema

2. Wet dust your house regularly. Wet dusting is a much more effective way of cleaning. Get a cleaning cloth and hold it under a running tap. Wring it out well so it is still damp, but not soaking. Then use the cloth as you would a duster. It is more effective as it picks up the dust, and it sticks to the cloth. This gets rid of the dirt and stops it spreading around the room

3. Freezing temperatures kill dustmites. If your child has soft toys, this is a good way to treat them. Put them in a black bin bag. Then place them in your freezer. Leave them in there at least overnight, but its recommended for 24-48 hours. Again, do this regularly, as dust will collect on them very quickly. If you have a big enough freezer, you can also do this with duvets and pillows

4. Don’t make your bed. This is a favourite technique of mine, its the excuse I have been looking for! If you make your bed it can create a humid environment that dustmites thrive in. Leave your bed uncovered so it gets an airing. You can get protective mattress covers that help to keep the mites off of your bedding. It is recommended that you get one that covers the top and sides of the mattress, so it is protected all round

5. De-clutter. The more stuff we have, the more dust that accumulates on it and around it. De-cluttering makes it easier to dust. It is less time consuming and more effective. Try and keep your rooms as minimalist as you can, and like

You can read more about the house dust mite here

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The December edition of Eczema Bulletin will include

  • November's Featured Article – Dealing With Christmas Stress
  • My favourite news item of the month
  • Tip of the Month
  • 5 ways to.....give a great Christmas gift to an eczema sufferer

Hope you enjoyed November's Eczema Bulletin, and thanks for reading


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